A brief and pointless post

...to test out my new smartphone camera; the little head belongs to my newest nannying charge, the Stinkweed.

Mirror in the Bathroom, again

pink #5, © selkie

pink #5
, © selkie

More from waaaay back in the day. This was taken in my bathroom in Honolulu, about 7 years ago. I miss that apartment.

It's an odd coincidence that i'm finding all these now, because i'm finally gearing up to do some new work, after about a year of nothing.
In a couple weeks, my son would have had a birthday. I know that he'd be happy if i were to start shooting again, so if you're watching, kiddo, like i think you are, then i hope you'll be pleased with what i do.

Over the past couple weeks, my spinal injury has been acting up - as in, i'm in daily pain again. I don't know what triggered it - i seriously think it was because i fucking sneezed.
Sounds nuts, but with this kind of injury, looking at my back funny can screw me up for weeks at a time.
So, my new photos will be coming full circle, with some backbrace photos to start things off.
In the meantime, there's me, seven years ago in my favourite shirt.

And here's me, these days...

destroy everything you touch, © selkie

destroy everything you touch
, © selkie

See y'all soon.

fragile #1

fragile #1 by selkie
fragile #1, a photo by selkie on Flickr.

Wow. Finally found the rest of my very first photos, taking in Hawai'i in 2004.
This was taken a couple days after my spinal injury.
You can see the marks on my back from the brace, which i had taken off because it was, if you'll pardon my language, so fucking hot in that tiny cinderblock apartment.

Side-note; i finally have my own computer again, so i'll be updating much more regularly.


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